Top 10 Projects

These projects, totaling more than $34.98 million, have been identified by the Dallas Park and Recreation Department as vital for the continuing prosperity and improvement of White Rock Lake Park and surrounding neighborhoods. Funded through both private and public partnerships, currently, the city has no funds allocated to these projects.

  1. Desiltation Master Plan
  2. Sunset Inn – architectural improvements
  3. West Lawther entry trestle reconstruction
  4. Rebuilding of the Dreyfuss Rental Facility
  5. Winfrey Point Structure Restoration
  6. Doran Point Facility Restoration
  7. Winfrey Point Lake Edge Improvements
  8. TP Hill – dredge lagoon
  9. East Lawther Trail Repair and construction
  10. Park Entrance – Emerald Isle


Current Project Under Way – The Stone Tables

Stone Tables Restration and Renovation Update: 2017

In 2012, the Board of Directors of the White Rock Lake Conservancy agreed to take on the renovation and restoration of the historic and very popular Stone Tables Pavilion and Picnic area for the Parks and Recreation Department as identified in the Top 10 projects. Volunteer architects and planners developed a renovation plan and worked with the City of Dallas to fulfill this goal.

Stone Tables Pavilion

The White Rock Lake Conservancy raised private donations and paid the City of Dallas $113,957 in January of 2015 to cover the entire cost of the renovation of the Pavilion and surrounding pathways. This phase of the project was completed in June of 2015. Today the Conservancy continues to raise funds for three more components of the larger stone tables project: the tables themselves along with the border surrounding them; the lily pond; and the restroom. Completion of the project would be restoration back to where it was over 85 years ago.


stonetable-webIn early 2017, the Conservancy gave the City of Dallas $15,000 for the Park & Recreation department to begin work on two of the original stone tables. This work began in April. The first two tables will give us a better idea of the cost and scope of renovation of each table. Once these tables are completed we will continue with the renovation plan which includes renovating and rebuilding the original 13 stone picnic tables and creating a border around the tables; refurbishing the original Lily Pond that is fed from a natural spring located near the tables and renovating the historical bathroom located near the Stone Tables.

The Stone Tables Pavilion and Picnic Area serves tens of thousands of Dallas area residents a year. One of the most popular open air rental facilities for the City of Dallas, the playground, pavilion and picnic tables serve as a meeting place for local running groups, youth birthday parties, reunions, holiday celebrations and much more. One of a handful of melting pots, White Rock Lake is as an idyllic and free place to socialize. Hispanic, African American, Anglo and other ethnic populations of Dallas ranging in ages from 0 to 100+ enjoy the amazing view and outdoor spaces at the Stone Tables Pavilion and Picnic area.lilypond-web

The original plans of the Lily Pond at the Stone Tables show the natural stream feeding the lily pond, which runs under a stone bridge. The bridge and lily pond were constructed by members of the CCC, as part of President Roosevelt’s new deal, in 1931. This stone bridge still remains but the lily pond is in disrepair and will cost $75,000 to renovate the pond. As this is phase 3 of the entire stone tables project no money has been raised to date for the Lily Pond.potter-web

Along with the Lily Pond the men of the CCC also built a restroom facility with craftsmanship like we don’t often see in public areas. Artist Henry Potter of Potter Art Metal Studios designed natural scenes for the windows in the building. The stone structure may be repurposed as a comfort station or storage facility for those that have rented the stone tables area. The wood soffit boards are rotting and need to be replaced along with the mortar and masonry in some areas of the structure.