Giving Tuesday 2015

“We have lived in East Dallas for 15 years, in 3 houses each only a mile from the lake. We’ve kayaked the creeks, cleaned the shores, sailed the waters and run, walked and biked the trails around White Rock Lake. On the busy days when we do not make it to the lake we still receive the peace the view offers by simply driving past it. White Rock Lake is the lifeblood of East Dallas, the jewel of the city – it is home.

This is why it is such a joy to give back to White Rock Lake. By donating our time and money to the Conservancy, as we have over the years, we are maintaining its structures, supporting it’s police patrol, providing funds to the city for the restoration of the stone tables and more. We give to the Conservancy to give back to our community. We want to ensure that White Rock Lake Park will continue to be the jewel of Dallas for generations to come and we know that White Rock Lake Conservancy is helping make that happen.”

Jennifer & Mark Hoesterey