One of Dallas’ largest parks, White Rock Lake is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, dozens of varieties of trees, and more than 100 grass and plant species. Bird watchers, tree buffs, and naturalists of all kinds will find something to love at White Rock Lake.

Originally farm land, White Rock Lake became a park in1929 when the City of Dallas converted White Rock Lake from a water source to a park transferring responsibility of the land surrounding the lake to the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department (DPARD). The city moved quickly to develop the park. Known as a jewel in the crown of the Dallas Park System, today it is an urban oasis that is enjoyed by over 1 million visitors a year.

Today, the park has a wonderful ecosystem that includes grasses, trees, flowers and wildlife that are indigenous to our North Texas area. Grasslands include black prairie grasses as well as more invasive species like Queen Anne’s Lace.

Wildflowers are planted in un-mowed areas and bloom in late spring. Beautiful photos can be taken especially off the East Lawther Trail and close to Mockingbird Lane.

Dozens of species of birds call White Rock Lake home. The ecosystem of the waterfront makes it a perfect nesting place for small and large water birds including geese, ducks and pelicans and woodland birds like owls, hawks and eagles. Even domestic birds live at the park; be on the lookout for the parakeets that feed near the trees right off the trail.

The wildlife at White Rock Lake is thriving. From squirrels and beavers to larger animals like coyotes, the lake is home to many animals that keep the park in balance. You can see many of these land animals near the Old Fish Hatchery.