White Rock Lake Running Map

Dallas Running Map

Dallas was featured in a Mashable blog post featuring maps of the most traveled running routes in 15 major cities. These maps were created by using the workout app RunKeeper to highlight the favorite trials of local runners. The lines on each image show where people are running– the higher the traffic, the thicker the line. Take a look at the map. Recognize anything? Looks like our very own White Rock Lake is one of the hottest running trails around!

The bold line outlining White Rock Lake is only going to intensify with the upcoming Celebration! White Rock event on April 10th at 6:30pm. With both a 5K and 10K race, we are encouraging all level of runners to come for the run and stay for the fun with live music and food to follow.

Here are some additional resources for White Rock Lake Running Maps:

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Image Source: Nathan Yau